Elizabeth Allan Walking Guide Kinder Scout

I'm Elizabeth Allan, a local Peak District guide and storyteller. I grew up on the edge of the Peak in Sheffield as a little girl and have lived and worked in the rural High Peak of Derbyshire for over a decade.

I have been a volunteer in charity work in Sheffield with the Young Peoples Drug Project and also the local High Peak Citizen Advice Bureau. Mostly I have worked in the Tourism sector in the Hope Valley area as a personal housekeeper, dog walker, customer service in restaurants and Castleton Blue John gift and Cavern shops.

I feel like this special place in the Heart of England is cleansing and therapeutic for the soul and reconnects a person with nature whatever the weather. It has become a playground for me and my family as I spend my spare time hiking and navigating around the limestone valleys and grit stone crags seeking out ancient pathways and abandoned stone buildings, all have a story to tell.

There are so many things to do and sights to see in the Peak District. I enjoy exploring the old local caves and mines in the White Peak area which provided jobs from lead extraction to rope making. I'm intrigued how the locals lived from pre historic times through the Industrial Revolution and to the modern day.

I also encourage respect of the environment and an awareness of our impact on the local wildlife and its delicate ecosystem, for some landscapes of the Peak District are classified as 'Sites of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSI).

If you and a small group of friends are interested in having a guide accompany you for a day or just a few hours in the Peak please feel free to call or email me.

Elizabeth Allan

Phone 07834382978
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Qualifications and Training

  • Outdoor First Aid

  • National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Silver

  • Boundaries and Confidentiality

  • Counselling Awareness OCN level 1

  • Counselling Skills OCN level 2

  • Currently studying Geology / Environment BSc Natural Sciences